The beginning, a purpose?

December 30 2014

Another closing to another year! The days to 40 are getting ever so smaller. Did I think that these days would be so short….NEVER!

I’ve been thinking about this blogging stuff as a sort of saving grace for my lack of journaling. Journaling really used to make me enjoy writing. As of late, the only writing I’ve done has been grocery lists and bus notes!

I used to journal many moons ago, as I’m sure a gabillzion other bloggers did too. What makes me think that a reader would want to read my journal um blog? They won’t think I’m unique. What can I bring to them that they already don’t have? Me…am I enough… I’m not so sure I’m enough in my own life more-less anyone else’s…hence “living off crumbs”.

Does anybody “get enough” or do we “make due” with what we are given? Making the most of less is everyone’s goal, even the multimillionaires must make themselves feel “emotionally” full on whatever is giving freely from others, even they must learn to “make the most of less”.

I chose to be emotionally full…even when sometimes what we are given are nothing more than crumbs… some days only mouse crumbs are what are left. If we can make more with less we will be happier and be emotionally full with life and all the riches it has in store for us.

Are these types of revelations of ME enough to suffice a “BLOG” or am I opening myself up to another failed endeavor. Oh,,,the o so dreaded FEAR OF FAILURE! There it is a crumb, a crumb that can fill an emotional void, a crumb of past failure, do I nurture that crumb or crush it’s dream? Obviously I’m a dream crusher that lives of crumbs so here I go, a journaling blog of open emotions that I will suffice to say I’m going to make the most of less.

What are the steps to this blog stuff? Apparently if I want to make money at it, which it seems a lot of people have, I’ll have to do advertising on it.

{I don’t want this to seem like work I just really want to write about trivial nonsense and others understand and feel exactly where I’m coming from and if I can make a few bucks along the way that would be excellent dude!}

Step 1: Define purpose

Step 2: Domain name

Step 3: hosting

Step 4: wordpress/theme

Step 5: start writing

Okay so I’m starting backwards with step 5: I JUST WANT TO WRITE!…if others read it great! If I make money great!

So, here it is, my first backwards entry! I started on step 5. Hey a start is a start.

I should probably go back to my domestic goddess duties. The dishwasher, washer, dryer and all the other goodness of life that await me! J


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