The NEED Pullers

The NEED Pullers

Man the world can get hectic!

When the world is spinning out of control I sure find it comforting to settle back into my little routine!

I have been really trying to enjoy the smallest of things since starting this blog

This morning I sat down at the computer with my coffee and Good Morning America playing while the kiddos were getting ready for school. I normally sit down at the dining room table with my Smartphone and drink coffee. But this morning, I wanted to reclaim my desk office space into a creativity area rather than a drop off for every little thing (that no one knows where it goes) when trying to clear the table for dinner.

I found me struggling last week for focus. I was trying to recoup from all the sadness of the funeral I attended the previous week, and surrounded by being pulled in various directions.

The dog had to go to the vet, the girl had to go to the orthodontist, the other half has to meet with the banker, the boy has a play to practice for and I have get to attend, and the vehicle broke (so parts and repairs!). Along with all the other domestic goddess duties: dishes, floors, laundry, shopping, bill pay, animal duty, clutter detail. I love it. I truly do!

I wouldn’t mind dinner out, massages, bubble baths, candles, soft music, elaborate gifts, dancing, romancing, and all of the glamorous life! Except one thing….

I FEEL NEEDED! That’s right, in my life, other people actually NEED me!

My daughter’s favorite, brand new, Columbia coat ripped this morning while putting it on. She was so upset! She actually had confidence that (in the two minutes before the bus was to arrive) I could fix that! Not only did I get it sewed up, I got it sewed in time for her to wear it to school! She needed me to do that for her! Do I deserve a bubble bath for that, probably not because the “Love you, Mom” thrown hastily over her shoulder heading out the door was the “crumb” that I was filled up on. Ya see, this livingoffcrumbs stuff is easy! It’s not fancy smancy stuff, it is the little stuff that is important.

Although I get pulled in many directions, I know one only gets pulled by those that we allow ourselves to get pulled by. I love my little bunch pulling on me! That’s how I know I’m needed!

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to feel needed!

This livingoffcrumbs stuff is still enough!



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