Toolbox of Power

February 11, 2015

Toolbox of Power

What if our words were all that was left?

“Even in her death she inspired us with her words.”

I’m “sponging” up that little girls pain that was held captive by the terror group and reported to her parents as a fatal victim of an air strike. {KM} She smuggled out a letter to her American parents with the most inspiring words. Sorta like an Anne Frank Diary of sorts.

She wanted to give victims a voice. She wanted to instill hope into others. Baby girl, you succeeded! Here is a hopeful voice screaming from the rooftops! {I should include her name or the terror groups name, but ultimately I don’t want Google to link this to that. Her honor is worth more to me than to allow it to be tainted by such ways of finding.}

My lovelies, please know, your voice is the most powerful tool you own. Not the sound of it, not even the physicality of it, but the content behind it, your words, your sentiment, that my dears are what changes your world. Make sure that the toolbox you store your most powerful tool in is keeping it safe.

How do you use your voice?

Do you get loud when others are weak?

Do you allow your voice to speak to others?

Does your voice echo or saunter away?

What is your purpose?

Voice it. Write it. Keep it, Give it away, whatever. IT’S YOURS!

Don’t let louder voices trump yours.

You mustn’t have to be loud to be heard, silent voicing is perfectly allowable and successful in nowadays times. Your voice is your imprint on the world. Is your voice still growing up? Is it speaking mature content or middle school drama? Is it imprinting the world or is the world imprinting your voice?

How will your voice impact the world?

My voice shall remain hopeful and positive.

Livingoffcrumbs is hard some days, but at the end of the day, I am so full! It IS because of the way my voice is leading me. Hopeful and positive is what livingoffcrumbs is all about. Stay true to your voice, my friends. It will lead you to a full life. Livingoffcrumbs is enough.




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